Well now I’m beginning my job search in earnest. I’ve uploaded my resume to Dice.com and applied for two positions. I’ll be submitting my résumé and applying for many more positions over the coming days and weeks. I am currently employed in Tulsa but will be moving to Tucson in December 2008. My employer is fully aware of the situation and is sad to see me go. My wife is a professor and is starting a new position in January 2009 in Tucson. My skills are portable.

I’m looking for either a web developer or web administrator position. My language of choice is Python and I’ve developed a few Django apps, as well as customized Zope/Plone. If you see the Tucson page I’ve uploaded my resume and listed some of my skills. So far I haven’t found an ideal position so I’m seriously considering doing consulting work as well as contract work.