On December 9-10, 2007, Tulsa had the worst and weirdest ice storm ever. Over 200,000 homes without electricity in the Tulsa area alone. Another 200,000+ in the OKC area. Trees and tree limbs down everywhere. We lost power about 1:30 am on Monday morning. There were some limbs down when we left for work that morning. When we came back that evening there were even more limbs and trees down. What was weird is that the roads never froze.

I made two videos: one just shows damage around our house. The other on a short drive near work.

Around the House

Short Drive

PSO our electric utility says it’s going to take a week to ten days to restore everyone’s power. I wished they’d been able to give an percentage estimate, that say X% would be on by such and such day and another Y% a day or two later. But they haven’t. Those homes which have lost their lines directly from the grid to the house (say a tree falls on the lines in the backyard) will be the last to get restored.

All of Oklahoma has been affected by this storm. Maybe I’ll write more later.