Beyond Tomorrow was the title of a science fiction anthology edited by Damon Knight. I was already a fan of TV science fiction and a fan of comic books. That was the anthology that made me fall in love with science fiction and it has been a lifelong love afair. It introduced me to Ray Bradbury, Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, and Clifford Simak to name a few. “Desertion” by Simak is probably my favorite story from that anthology. It is certainly the most memorable followed closely by Don A. Stuart’s “Twilight”. Stuart was John W. Campbell’s pen name.

More nostalgia later. I thought of using that title for a new podcast. I’m already doing the Conestoga podcast to help promote the a science fiction convention. I’m not as plugged into science fiction as I once was. I am not a voracious reader. I read what I read. There may be months between novels. I’m slightly more plugged into movie and TV sci fi. What I’m saying is that if I do this podcast, I will not be on the cutting edge of “literary SF.” And I’ll be committing the big sin of nostalgia. And you know what? That’s OK by me.

After going through a lot of names I came up with Escape from Cubicle 17. It sounds cool but it doesn’t really hint at what it is. I have several episodes up. It will eventually be a variety podcast show. We’ll interview guests, we’ll entertain, we’ll talk about stuff. It’s not intended to be a sampler. It’ll be what interests me.

Note – I’m clearing out my backlog of wordpress post drafts and this one seemed done enough to publish.