I currently have six post drafts. I think some of them are just notes. Some are to be fleshed out at a later undetermined date. The urge to blog is probably the same urge to grafitti “Kilroy was here” except we say a lot more and think that someone might actually care. I am writing for myself but pretending as if I had an audience.

When you write for someone else you have to figure out how best to communicate whatever it is that you are trying to say. And it helps to clarify in your own mind whatever it is that you are trying to think about. John Gardner described writing fiction as a kind of thought process. I’m not writing fiction but I am writing and it is a kind of thought process. I think. Maybe. Maybe not. I’m a little confused.

Where was I? Oh, yeah the drafts. The drafts are pretty sketchy and not quite ready for prime time. I feel compelled to at least complete a few of them. I think they are worthy topics to write about even though there is no audience. I’ll also write new ones for this public journal.

It’s weird writing a public journal. One that theoretically that could be read by anyone but isn’t. I’ve read other journals and they say things that well just aren’t appropriate for a public journal. They mostly involve bodily functions. They whine incessently about stupid stuff. Or they say bad things about people they know or have known. I may do that but I won’t mention them by name. I probably won’t at all because, you know what, they may read it and get mad.

I’m sure the number of drafts I have will go up and down. I just need to clear out the backlog on the ones I find most interesting. Stay tuned. Or not.