We honeymooned in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Melissa didn’t enjoy the place as much as I did. I’d be willing to go back, but not till I’d seen other parts of Mexico. She’s not keen on going back at all. We had a very good time, but the negatives outweighed the positives. I think armed with the proper knowledge on how to deal with the locals and a bit more Spanish would help alot. Anyway, here is our “honeymoon” slideshow (14.2MB in PDF format).

Our return flight was eventful, rather the first flight. We took off in a Super 80. About fifteen minutes after takeoff, we heard a loud bang, the plane shuddered briefly, and 120 butts puckered simultaneously. Since Melissa and I were sitting a few rows in front of the starboard engine, the bang was rather loud. The flight crew went forward quickly to the front of the plane, sop. A minute later the flight attendant came on to announce we were returning to Puerto Vallarta. A few minutes after that the pilot came on to announce we’d have a normal landing. So ten minutes later we landed safely on one engine. The emergency crews were waiting. The plane parked away from the terminal, but PV is such a small airport that’s normal. As we were bussed to the terminal building, we could see the right engine. It had char marks around the last foot.

Three hours later (yes, 3 hours because rebooking us was hampered by jerks tying up the airline agents and their inexperience in dealing with the situation) we were in a very nice hotel Velas Vallarta. The room was called a studio. I found out when we got back it cost $310/night. That’s $310 USD. I’d learned that Mexico used the $ symbol for the peso too which was somewhat annoying. The next day we took off on a very full Super 80 and returned to DFW, no problem.

One of the things we did NOT do was go to the Wal Mart in Puerto Vallarta.Yes, they have a Wal Mart and a Sam’s Club right near the dock where the cruise ships come in. Among the other things we did not do was parasailing or a jungle canopy tour. Though I think if it weren’t the dry season and my fear of heights I would have done the canopy tour.