I just watched the most appalling news story on Anderson Cooper the other night. It showed the Minutemen building a portion of fence along the Arizona border. They were sending a message to the President and Congress to help keep out illegal aliens. Remember the lesson of King Canute? If not, I’ll get back to it.

1. I remember growing up with the idea that America was a melting pot, but now a better metaphor might be more likened to a chunky stew. The Minutemen and a lot of other groups want to make it a bean and ham soup, made with white navy beans and surrounded by a thirty foot fence.

2. What is so amazingly wrongheaded about the fence is this. If people and companies wouldn’t hire the illegals they wouldn’t come. If amnesty was good enough for Reagan it should be good enough for the Minutemen. Let’s face it America is addicted to cheap labor and cheap oil and fatty foods and drugs.